A Passion for Justice

With over 200 years of combined trial experience handling personal injury claims - The attorneys of Ansel & Miller LLC can make a difference for you. Contact our office today for a free consultation about your case.


Eric L. Ansel

Founder & Lawyer

Eric L. Ansel founded Ansel & Miller, LLC in 1984 and has been practicing personal injury law for 40 years. He is recognized as one of the most successful personal injury trial attorneys in the country and has won many prestigious awards.

Ronald L. Miller

Founder & Lawyer

Ronald L. Miller specializes in all areas of personal injury and has been practicing law for over 40 years. His career began at the Treasury Department but truly took shape in the late 1970s.

Samuel J. Simon


Samuel J. Simon specializes in Personal Injury Litigation, including catastrophic automobile negligence claims, no fault claims, medical malpractice, products liability, maritime and premises liability.

Jovanni C. Fiallo


Jovanni C. Fiallo is an associate litigation attorney who handles a variety of personal injury law claims as well as maritime and admiralty law claims. He received his law degree from Ave Maria School of Law

Michael Palahach, III


Michael Palahach’s 40 year career has resulted in an umbrella of expertise that covers civil litigation and personal injury, with particular emphasis on jury trials and Federal Court litigation.

Mark D. Press


Mark D. Press is of counsel to the firm and has over 42 years of litigation experience as a civil trial attorney. A resident of the South Florida area since 1951, Mr. Press is well acquainted with the prominent legal issues facing South Florida residents and visitors.

Lilia Biberman


Lilia Biberman earned her Juris Doctorate from Brooklyn Law School in 2004. She was subsequently admitted to the New York Bar and also admitted to the Florida Bar in 2005 after moving to Florida.