What Are The Biggest Cruise Accidents Throughout History?

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What Are The Biggest Cruise Accidents Throughout History?

In the past years, there have been a number of various accidents that have been able to happen which have gone down in history as some of the biggest accidents in water. Listed below are some the biggest cruise accidents that have ever happened in the history of cruising

Titanic (1912)

The very beautiful and luxurious steamship, RMS Titanic, sank on the 15th of April 1912, off the coast of Newfoundland located in the Northern Atlantic immediately after hitting an iceberg during its very first voyage. The steam ship had a total of 2,240 people on board i.e. both passengers and crew members and according to statistics more than 1500 individuals lost their lives due to the accident

SS Moro Castle (1930)

The SS Moro Castle was a beautiful ocean liner in the 1930s that was constricted for the Ward Line in order to make voyages between Cuba, Havana and New York City. On September 8th 1934, the ship caught fire and burned resulting to the death of 137 passengers and crew members. The ship then later washed up near Asbury Park, New Jersey where it was later towed and scrapped off.

Costa Concordia (2012)

The Italian cruise ship sank after striking a rock off Isola del Goglio, Tuscany on January 13th 2012 which then led to the death of 32 individuals.

Royal Pacific (1992)

The MS Royal Pacific carrying 539 passengers sank on the 23rd of August due to a collision with a fishing trawler in the Straits of Malacca injuring 70 people while sadly killing 30 people, some bodies were never found.

Club Royale (1995)

This was a casino ship that tried to gamble but lost the bet to the storm which led to its sinking in August 1995 due to hurricane Erin just 90 miles east of port Canaveral. Only two of the 11 crew members died as there were no passengers gladly.

Louis Majesty (2010)

The ship was reported to have collided with 8 meter waves with the sides of the ship which led to flooding. Only 2 passengers perished in the accident.

Star Princess (2006)

On 23rd march 2006, a major fire broke on board as the captains successfully woke up every passenger and evacuated them successfully. However, one person perished in the fire. The source of the fire was found to be a cigarette

Oceaonos (1991)

The MTS Oceanos was a Greek owned and French built cruise ship which sank due to uncontrollable flooding. The captain of the ship as well as some crew members were convicted of negligence as they fled the ship without helping their passengers.

Pacific Sun (2010)

The Australian cruise liner had been hit by huge waves approximating to about 650 km of the New Zealand coast. No one died however 42 people were injured in the event.

Norwegian Dawn (2005)

On the 16th of April 2005, the cruise ship was sailing off the coast of Georgia where I met with a series of three 21m waves. The third wave is what damaged some windows on the 9th and 10th decks while others got flooded. Only four passengers were injured slightly in the incident.

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