Results Speak For Themselves

$39 Million Watercraft Accident Verdict

$20 Million Auto Accident Settlement

$13.5 Million Liquor Liability/ Wrongful Death

$5 Million Trucking Accident Settlement/ Wrongful Death

$4 Million Negligent Supervision/ Wrongful Death

$3 Million Maritime Claim Settlement

$2.3 Million Premises Liability

$2.2 Million Asbestos Exposure to Railroad Employee

$2 Million Maritime Claim Settlement

$1.5 Million Medical Malpractice

$1.5 Million Auto/Bicycle Accident

$1.25 Million Police Shooting/Civil Rights Violation

$1.1 Million Product Liability Verdict

$1.05 Million Scuba Diving Negligence Settlement

The above cases are based on gross settlements/verdicts before deductions for fees, costs, and medical bills.  The facts and results of each case differ and no particular result from our legal representation or services can be guaranteed. Your results may vary. The watercraft verdict was settled after jury verdict and during appeal and the other product liability case was settled during trial.  Awards, designations, and accolades were bestowed onto or achieved by individual attorneys within the firm and not necessarily by the firm itself.