About Our Firm

Nationally acknowledged for being experts in their field and getting results

Ansel & Miller, LLC are Award Winning Personal Injury, Wrongful Death & Maritime Trial Attorneys. Ansel & Miller, LLC was founded in 1984 by Eric Ansel, an award-winning personal injury attorney. The firm consists of six highly skilled, professional attorneys focusing solely on Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Maritime cases.
At Ansel & Miller, LLC, individuals are represented, not corporations. The combined experience and determination of the entire firm results in the maximum benefit and settlements for their clients.
You can trust that the attorneys will protect your interests, taking pride and providing dedication and skill in handling each case from the beginning to the end. Each case is thoroughly investigated and prepared for trial in order to receive the best possible result.

Our clients deserve the best representation

Cases that are not tried to verdict are settled for substantial amounts prior to trial because Ansel & Miller, LLC has earned a reputation as expert attorneys, willing to fight for their clients. They win verdicts and insurance companies are aware of that fact. Working closely with other professionals, Ansel & Miller, LLC selects expert witnesses to assist in preparation and trial of cases. Clients deserve the best representation and this firm spares no expense in assuring that they are prepared and will get the maximum result!
The firm allows the client to focus on healing physically and emotionally while being assured that their attorneys are handling all legal aspects of their case.