Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

No matter your means of transportation is,  whether you are a cyclist or a pedestrian you are liable to any of these accidents, you could be walking down the street and then suddenly a cyclist appears and you both collide, anything is possible don’t wait until something bad to happen before you get proper legal coverage. Be proactive talk to an accident attorney, take the necessary steps to being covered.

Take action now for its better to be safe than sorry. More and more each year there has been an increased value in the amounts bicycle collision with pedestrians and guess what? They receive no compensation for the damages and self-sustained injuries. That is not a good feeling so why not seek the legal help you want.

Some of some come types of accidents

  • Improper Lane Use -The vast majority of pedestrian accidents happen in the road with two-thirds occurring on city streets.  A bike riding on the sidewalk can hit pedestrians or force them onto the road.
  • Unmarked Crosswalks -Intersections are a hotspot for pedestrian accidents. Using signaled crosswalks dramatically reduces the risk. Clearly marked pedestrian pathways are vital at or near parking lots because drivers are less likely to see people when they’re focused on parking.
  • Left-Hand Turns -While safer, signaled crosswalks aren’t immune to vehicle-pedestrian collisions. Three times as many people get hit byBicycle & Pedestrian Accidents cars turning left than by cars turning right because both parties are looking elsewhere: The drivers are busy negotiating the intersection and street-crossers are looking straight ahead
  • Quiet Cars -If you are unable to hear an upcoming vehicle that is very dangerous for you won’t be able to come out of harm’s way in time to avoid injury
  • Dark Clothes -Most if not all pedestrian accidents happen on the weekends and they happen at night. After the sun goes down, bright and lightly colored clothes are easier to spot– critical in less populated stretches with poor street lighting. Pocket flashlights are also a good idea for night-prowling.
  • Alcohol -Substance use, no doubt, contributes to the nights-and-weekends accident spike and drivers aren’t the only responsible party. For the ignorant driver under influence is not fully aware of what is taking place
  • Arterial Roads – As cities draw more and more people, multi-lane, high-speed roadways are increasingly necessary to move traffic to and from the freeway. Unfortunately, these sites are also hazardous to the densely populated areas they serve, where walking is commonplace and bus stops are plentiful.

Don’t miss out on your right to full compensation from an accident, especially if you have very high medical bills, rehabilitation fees, we are more than capable to help you, we will fight for you. Come talk to our personal injury attorney today!




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